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graves, was opened by the Bishop of Byzantium Margos be peeled

shown. This movement causes the Turks to their arms and valuables with the dead

was built with the. Because the Turks, and the existence of life after death, a second

believed that they are immortal souls. The founder and protector of the family shown

This feeling of respect and gratitude to the Islamic era have continued to change a bit. Indeed

the throne of the sultan, they visited the graves of our ancestors, this one a

more were counted.

c) the heavens God Faith (Religious)

Main religious Turks Sky god belief, respectively. As mentioned in the Orkhon Inscriptions

Creator of the heavens all the universe was God. Turkey to celebrate their monarch and the ruling of

is believed to be the power in the heavens was God. Today Ta n r i word, in the Orhun Inscriptions

Tengri or Of Tengir is in the form of late. This word, with some pronunciation differences

Turkey is used in almost all polish.

According to belief in Turkey and seven times the heavens were created. God was sitting in the sky finish.

In the middle of the heavens and earth, humans and other creatures lived. Other than the holy God

There was something in, but they were not God, God was single. Sky God is very important for Turks

was. Because that gives them strength, give life to them and the nation that triumph

believed. Indeed, the Asian Hun Ruler, Mete Han, the Chinese emperor in 176 BC

In a letter to his throne by God, as was stated,

With God's help win a military victory, stated the heavens.

Belief in God, according to the heavens the heavens of God, who can live and who kill people the way

showing the dominating presence of people, punish and reward the. Sky

With God's desire is past hakan board. God, who do not comply with the orders of hakan

punishment would help. To celebrate his non-worthy, take back the box was donated.

Turkey had a strong belief in the Hereafter. Good people uçmağ called to heaven, bad

in human Tamu go to hell, believe they were called. Sky god religion beliefs

to man cam would be called. Public would be respected within cam. However clergy

were not in a privileged class, the state did not play a role in the management. Sky god

The only god of religious belief in the future make it easier to enter the religion of Islam by Turks

has become an important cause.

Accept the other religions of Turks

Various periods of history, the Turks migrated from Central Asia in various regions,

experience different cultures and civilizations were found in the interaction. This interaction

As a result of various religions have been introduced. The most common belief among the Turks heavens

Although religious deity in China, who set the state of Tabgaç BuddhismIn effect remains in the

have lost their national identity. Uighurs, Buddhism, Mani and Christianity religion

When adopting, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Pechenegs the Danube in the Bulgarian and Kuman H r i s t i l y a n ğ ı ı

have agreed. Between the people of the Caspian Judaism, Christianity v e Islam y a r k e y i l i n,

Itil Bulgars also IslamI chose. More religious tolerance in this state

and the Caspian states would have the Uighurs. However, none of these religions to Islam

5 - LAW

H u k u k, The rules that regulate relations between people are. Turkish state in Central Asia

and society, the social life of legal regulations regarding a particular regulatory document is not.

Therefore, information related to legal issues and the Orkhon Inscriptions To be annual China

We are learning.

Customs, Occurred within the life time value gained from the social and legal aspects

consisting of the default behavior and everyone must follow the rules

b ü t ü n ü d ü r. Unwritten rules of this law were the main principles that provide social order.

What is a small ceremony in every way by learning from the older they grow.

Therefore, the researchers Turkey customs, customs law, as the name Turkey.

Does not change the provisions of the ceremony of justice, and equality was good. States in his life, in the family

and in daily life outside ceremony. Considered a crime not to conform to customs.

Ruler had to conform to the customs.

Turkish government, social order, which is important in ensuring that the court had.

People at the top of the Court yargan (judge) denilirdi. This ordinary courts

would look at crime. The court is presided by Kagan et yargu (high state

court) denilirdi. This court would look at the political crimes.

Turkey is very hard and strict observance of the provisions included. Punishments were severe. Turkey

mores to the theft, murder, rape was a very strict punishment of crime and take

called its uncompromising application. Thief of the stolen goods (goods) on solid pay. Lighter

Those crimes sentenced to imprisonment up to ten days while. Criminals themselves state

be punished by the tradition of blood feuds in the community to the emergence of

e n g e l l e m i ST i r.

Old Turkey was often the only available polygamy. According to the most land inheritance

younger children, the other portable goods would be given to the son.

Development of commercial relations with the Uighurs in the period of disputes between people

solutions need to be made in writing of the rules emerged. Turkish law first

written by Uighurs were brought Permanent times. After the adoption of Islam, Turkey

law has changed. With Islamic law based on unwritten law or convention


Has not spread among Turks and was not effective. Religions other than Islam

Adopting the Turkish tribes, their geography with the influence of being a minority for a while

After the Turks were losing their properties. Islam religion of God the heavens last

the self and identity were protected. Between the sky god religion of Islam with religious Bunda

Turkey Islamic religious character of the similarities and have been effective compliance.

What is fiamanizm?

Totem mean?

Balbal, ucmağ, Tamu, cam here to define the term.

Turks, Sky God, what other religions have agreed on religion?


Writing; ideas expressed in the letters of the way is called. Turks throughout history

Göktürk, Uygur, Arabic, Cyrillic and Latin alphabets were using. Of this alphabet

Alphabet, the Turks and Uighurs are Göktürk national alphabet:

Göktürk (Orhun) alphabet, the Turks is the oldest national alphabet. Göktürk in article

4 voice, 34 to 38 letters are silent. This article in the alphabet from right to left

and the words are spelled correctly, to search, separated by colon were placed.

The first article in the neighborhood of the river Orkhon Göktürk an inscription was found in

for Orkhon Alphabet called. This alphabet X. century with little changes to

Kyrgyz, Bulgars, Khazars, and is also used by Pechenegs.

Most important literary works written in the alphabet Göktürk Turkey as the first written work

Göktürk Kitabeleri'D i r. The most important of these inscriptions Kültigin, Bilge Kagan v e

Tonyukuk Write behalf. Advanced alphabet used in the inscription Göktürk,

Previously they used a map of Turks the idea of writing strengthened. Indeed

Recent research also supports this idea is quality. Light near Lake BC V. and

VI. centuries were found to belong to Issyk kurgan'In a silver bucket

found. Located at the top of the bucket type the alphabet written in the Göktürk

that was understood.

Uyghur alphabet, the Turks is the second national alphabet. This alphabet Sughd alphabet

and received some additions and changes can be made has been uncovered. Uyghur alphabet 3 voice

15 to 18 letters are silent. This is in the alphabet from right to left text

were written. Harşer words at the beginning, middle and end would take different shapes.

Harşer, especially when fine print, writing of this article is not clear

k o l a y, but it was difficult to read. This alphabet VIII. the first half of the XV century. By the end of century

Turkey is used by many states. Even in the Ottoman palace Fatih

Sultan Mehmet the time, even used. Uighurs, XIII. century to the Mongol rule

Uyghur alphabet after me of entering a long time has been the official letter of the Mongols.

Uighurs from the centuries before Europeans knew the paper to do. Therefore

Uighurs have articles printed on paper. In addition to the moving system based on letters

finds the printing of the Uighurs, the multitude of books printed in Uygur is understood.

Uighurs, Chinese and Indian works, many of them have turn to Turkish. Besides

themselves bring about a large number of works were written. The remaining period of Uighurs

one of the most important works Altun yaruChinese translation is from the Uygur before Turkey. This

works belonging to the Buddha religion religious-moral issues are processed. Again Eight Yükmek and Two

Brotherhood Story Uighurs are among the most famous in the text.

What is law?

What is the Turkish customs?

Yargan and yargu mean?

What period is the first Turkish written legal documents are?


Turkey in Central Asia, which he considered the most important people in common language, namely Turkish

was. Previously, various Turkish tribes with different names would be an. VI. century, this boy from the

Turkey in general language that they speak the rest first language was Turkish.

Thus, sizes, and understand that they are speaking through a single nation, together

began to live.

History of the Turkish language, is as old as our nation's history. Turkish Ural-Altaic language family

Altay takes place within the group. Turkish among the languages with the Mongol Altai, and Mançur

There are also Korean. Turkish belongs to the first period is not a written document, Turkey

language clear and precise information about the first period we do not have to. However, Orhun

Richness of expression and words by looking at the inscription, Turkish, the existence of very old

timings are taken.


Literature; feelings, thoughts and dreams into words and writing effectively

be told is the art. Turkish language, literature products oral and written be two

in the group will examine:

Oral Literature Turkey

Turkish language as the first examples of the literature s ö z ü ld ü r. Public language d e s t a n and e f s a n e l e r

The most important examples of oral literature. Epics and legends of a nation of ideas and

history of thought is. Epics and legends usually have thoughts and beliefs of Turks, national

describes heroism. The most important epics of Central Asia, Turkey; Saka

Of Turkey Alp Er Tu n g a v e FIU, Hun of Turkey Oguz Kagan, Of Göktürk B o u r t z k and

Ergenekon, Of the Uygur Türeyiş and Migration, Kyrgyz also Manas epics are. This

Turkey live in the old legends of folk literature reveals the existence of. Dede

Korkut Stories oral literature written before the product becomes campaigner.

Sav, romance and sagos products are among the interpreters of Turkish literature. Turks, ö l ü m

mourning ceremonies in the ceremonial poems say we have Yug. H a l k a poem from

serve the people and rulers of the value for the superior commander said children who sago

de. An example of this is the Saka ruler of Turkey's Alp Er Tunga

After the death of the sago to say we can give him. Romancelar in the feast lute (public

the saz poets steal) and played with love and nature in the said processing issues

verse (metered and rhymed verse form written in the form of expression works) are the work.

Savlar also atasözleridir. Some of these other Byzantine sources, of the Huns themselves

write what they say is unique folk songs.

What are the Turks throughout history, they used the alphabet?

What are the names of famous Uygur text?

Written Turkish Literature

The first known written examples of Turkish literature VI. century in southern Siberia Talas

Found in the river basin and Yedisu Talas and Yenisey Inscriptions the north -

eastern Mongolia in the Orkhon River in the vicinity, and VIII. century dated Orkhon

(Göktürk) Kitabeleri'Dir.

As the first chip and Yenisey Inscriptions examine whether the deal, the Finnish scientist Heikel

(H e y k e l) o l m u u r. ST The majority of the Yenisei inscriptions around this river

in the south of Tuva region near the Kemi River tributaries were found. This

Yenisey Inscriptions respects, is the older of the Orkhon Inscriptions. Talas and Yenisey

inscriptions, XVIII. unearthed in the early century Swedish Strahlenberg'Dir. This

Most of the tombstones inscriptions are in a state.

Located on the old bed of the Orkhon River Orkhon Inscriptions (Monuments); Kültigin

(732), Bilge Kagan (735) and To n y u k u k (720 to 725 between) names were planted. A n t i l a r d a k i

inscriptions, according to the time a language is written very fluently and literary. Göktürk with alphabet

understanding of the state by the Turks in the inscription, and the responsibility of state officials

love of country issues are addressed. Also in the epigraphs and the nation of Turkey gentlemen

criticisms are written, how the Turks believe that the Chinese propaganda and subversive

they are expressed to each other fell. State building and the ideas of independence

are processed in the inscriptions, valuable advice for the future are given.

Finding and reading of the Orkhon Inscriptions, Turkey in terms of cultural history major

is important. Orkhon Inscriptions of the Turkish, Turkey and Turkish literature in the history of the first

written documentation. In addition to the name of Turkey in terms of late become the first Turkish texts


Orhun Inscriptions first 1709 Poltova War'In a Swedish prisoner in a Russian officer

S t r a h l e n b e rg by 1 7 2 2 In was found. 1 8 8 9 In the Russian scholar

Yadrinsef (N. M. Jadrincev) by the inscriptions unearthed 1893 In

Danish language knowledge Wilhelm Thomsen (Vilyım Tomsk)Also studied. Wilhelm

Thomsen, full translation of the inscription has released in 1922. Inscription in

Tengri was first inscriptions, Turkey and the ash was read Tegin words. Bilge Kagan

and the author of the inscription Kültigin of Kültigin'in Atabey Yulug (Yolluğ) Tigin'Dir. Tonyukuk

The inscription on the Tonyukuk's written by him is greater than the probability.

These three important inscriptions in other areas also include many inscriptions. In recent years,

research in Mongolia in many Turkish inscriptions were found. The most

One important 1 9 7 0 completely removed in the light of day Taryat (or Terhi)

is the inscription. And consisting of granite pedestal with a statue of a turtle, this monument

writing, of Uygur Hakan Moyen-COR by 753 It was erected in the year. Royal inscription

the mouth and Uygurs Göktürk describes.


Established in Central Asia, the foundation of the economy at the beginning of the first Turkish State

animals was. In the later period, agriculture and trade with the Turks in

were interested.


Central Asia's climate and landforms, the Turks lived in this geography

has enabled the development of animal husbandry. Therefore, the first Turkish state in the economy

formed the basis of animal husbandry. Most extensively in animals at a wide steppe and

sheep, respectively. Camels and cattle were also fed these other Turks. Turks fostering

from animals to, milk, wool and leather were exploited. The

processed products obtained from commercial property posed. Sheep's wool and the spinning

Turks do ip, ip also carpets, rugs and fabrics were the tissue. Scientists

the carpet as the homeland of Central Asia showing why they are.

A request to hear more vegetables in his life against steppe. Turks the most important

food was not. Were the most at the Turks and sheep meat place. Knew the meat canning.

Be made after the most milk and dairy foods they consume. Millet milk, cheese and

Turkey was the most preferred food yogurt.

A variety of pastries as well to make the Turks knew. Also available from mare's milk

The red Was the national drink of Turks.

Export trade in live animals in Hun came in first place. Göktürks the need

See animals in the border town, replaced by Chinese silk. Uighurs built

Skip to life for the animals as effective as the other Turkish communities have not.

Turks, in winter in a sheltered valley barracksprobably in summer in the fertile pastures

Yaylakprobably lived. Animals grazing in the lush grass plateau for upgrades

environments were. Tents were set up in a house Yaylak feature was completely.

Usually made of mud brick houses in the barracks used to.

The government headed by Hun ruler of Turkey hunt lasted for days. This

ava many people would attend. T ü rkler, to hunt animals from the fur from

would benefit.

Turks usually silk, cotton, and wool made of camel wore their dresses.

Underwear made of wool and cotton fabrics they use. Cold days

they wear clothing with b ö r kURLs (animals from the post title), animals

of fur used to make.

Which are the main Turkish epics?

Sav, jogging and sago Define terms.

Orhun Inscriptions expand the first who has found?

Yulug Tigin Who is? What is the role of Turkish cultural history?


Turks, as well as climate and soil suitable for animal husbandry in agriculture where the

were involved. Hun of the wheat and corn will grow Chinese sources mentioned.

Wheat production in the mountains of Altai and Sayan at least three thousand years on the archaeological

was uncovered as a result of excavation. Her family's farm and irrigation in Göktürk that the

had their own land. Hakan is Göktürk Kapgan Kagan, with the victory of the Chinese expedition

to result in an agreement on the seeds and agricultural tools had received from the Chinese.

This situation is an indication they are engaged in agriculture of Göktürk. Göktürks period

Among the findings, long paddles used in agricultural work is uncovered.

VI. and VIII. century in the Yenisei Kyrgyz also were engaged in agriculture.

They, too, sickles, spades and have a plow, irrigation channels are open, barley, wheat,

oats, corn grown.

Was a very advanced level of agriculture in Uygur. The path of a river passing through the plains of Uighurs

changing channels and thus opened the garden and the fields were irrigated. Also

the big mills operated by water were brought.

U ygurlar, all kinds of vegetables and fruits (melon, watermelon, grapes, etc..) Knew to grow.

In fact, exports to China in this region, even from the melon and watermelon were being made. Turks to the fields

tarıglag, Farmer tarık process derlerdi. Saban The oldest known word in Turkish agriculture-related

k e l i m e d i r. First agricultural product of the Turks recognized as animal feed y o n c a, The first food millet


Irrigation in agriculture is very important. Therefore the construction of irrigation canals to the Turks

have given great importance. The Huns have open water channels in the Altai region and Selenga.

The Altai region and the opening of the Huns also used by Göktürk ToTu channel'N i n

length of 10 km. was close to. This channel is used even today.


Understand the importance of trade from the Turks in Hun more necessary importance to it as

gave. Important trade routes for the trade of Turkish rulers over China

Sassanid and Byzantine treaties with countries such as many have done it. For the development of trade

They provide convenience for traders, trade routes, even to the security of military campaigns

ü z e l e m i n d e r d i r. CL Turks to neighboring countries, livestock, canned, meat, leather, leather, fur, hay -

vani when selling food, grain and clothing in exchange for silk and silk fabrics with

have taken.

During this period, trade between the countries with the Turkish state Silk Yo u l'N d a n

was being made. A large part of the historic Silk Road countries through Turkey has already

was. Silk Road, China, starting from east to west over Central Asia Mediterranean

coast would end. In this way, the caravan trade, the Turkish state and an important

source of income, respectively. Turkey and China to dominate this road, between the several states

struggles have been made. Even the foundation of the Turkish-Chinese foreign policy has created the Silk Road.

This way throughout history between nations has been the longest land trade routes.



Starting from the Caspian and the Bulgarian country Ural, Siberia, Altai and Sayan

reaching over the mountains to China, there is a second way that this path Fur Path called.

In parallel to the Silk Road extending from the north on this road there was also a lively trade activities.

As the name suggests, will be fur trade in the Caspian Road, Sabir, Ogur and Bulgarian

Turkey hunting in the squirrel, marten, otter, beaver fur were made with other

goods was based on the way to move to the west.

Silk Road and the Fur Road in the hands of the Turks against the other nations

Turkey has two main advantages to the winning advantage.

After the war, Muslims, Arabs and Turks Talas 751 commercial relations between

started to grow. Thus, Turkey was founded in the frontiers of property dealers

have the opportunity to sell in markets.


Since very ancient times the Turks and the various mines and processing of these minerals

knew gadgetry. Are engaged in the blacksmith and the Avar Göktürk

Depending on what they do fighting vehicles, the Huns in the iron mines of the Altai,

also gold and silver mines in the Caucasus Caspian also know that they are operated.

State Revenue Sources

Established the first Turkish state in Central Asia, the primary source of income were:

- Taxes collected from the public

- Trade of the ways customs duties provided

- Associate of state taxes

- Operate are iron, gold, silver, copper mines such as the revenues obtained from

Turkish people during this period were paid with tax live animals or products. Tax

There were special servants of the state collects. Currency as the official seal of the ruler on

silk or cotton cloth used parts was shot. Coins for the first time

Have been used time and Göktürk Turgesh.

8 - ART

The foundation of the Turkish art of Central Asia, is based on the traditional nomadic life. So

settled with specific temples, palaces, castles to art structures, such as Central Asia, Turkey

not very common in the art. Instead, they live nomadic life, but according to aesthetic

By making high-value items were used. Showing the development of the first Turkish state

major arts are:

Central Asia, Turkey's economy is based on what basis?

Stems from the importance of the Silk Road?

Where has the road passes through fur?

Central Asian Turkish states are sources of income?

Art in Mineral Processing

Turks and mining labor forge national arts, respectively. Gold, iron, silver, such as

benefit from the many mines as ornaments, saddles and harness, various war instruments,

vases, pitchers such as kitchen equipment such as tools and devices were made. Configuration

articles often pars, tigers, wolves, horses, sheep, deer, goats were adorned with figures of animals such as.

Sword, shield, spear, spear fighting tools such as the Turks do, the hilt of the sword

gold and precious stone animal figures are covered with sheets would decorate with. Turkey in the art

type of ornamentation animals üslûbu been called. Animal figures are used so much

In that, the nomadic life, as well as forces of nature has a profound influence on the faith.

Large geographical area extending from China to the Balkans in the kurgan, mining

countless works of art belonging to the process was found. The most important of these kurgan;

Kazakhstan's Almaty 50 km to the city. located at a distance Issyk kurganObtusa. Issyk River

uncovered on the coast of the kurgan, BC, V-IV. century belongs to. Kurgan from the large number of gold

ware, ceramic earrings, silver bowls, wooden spoons, two silver cups and a g m ü ş ü

dish was uncovered. Among them, estimated to belong to a Turkish prince

Golden Man armor, Turkey is one of the most important examples of the art of mining (Figure 4-1).

Mineral processing, and subtlety of the art of pleasure in the Turks, who visited the countries of Turkey

also attracted the attention of foreign ambassadors and travelers, the admiration they have written their

have expressed in his memoirs. Indeed, in the year 518 to visit a Chinese Akhun S o n g - Y ü n,

Kagan, who visited Prompt 569'da Byzantine envoy Zemarkhos and Western Turkic 629'da

Tong's guests with Hakan Yabgu Lama Hiuen-Tsang in his memoirs, the Turkish art

and how far to enjoy a level of subtlety that have described with admiration.

Also in Turkey there were carpenters, craftsmen and wood carvers. Hun table, chairs,

seats, cabinets are made, bed and curtains were used. This house of Chinese goods

most have learned from the Hun.


The archaeological excavations in the Altai region and Orhun clothing, carpets and rugs

examples to be found, shows the development of weaving among Turks.

Carpet weaving, the Turks as a gift to the world civilization were adopted.

Carpet wool sheep for the first time by tapping the Huns were used. South

In the foothills of the Altai Mountains in Siberia Pazırık'Ta of the kurgan, belonging to Hun

the world's oldest carpet and clothing were found. This carpet touch on it

and colors of the art of embroidery and weaving is considered as a masterpiece

(Figure 4-2).

Height 200 cm, width 189 cm, thickness 2 mm. 10 cm in the carpet Pazırık2 at 36,000

node is located. The world's oldest carpet carpet Pazırık today Leningrad

Hermitage Museum 'ndedir.

Uncovered in kurgan Pazırık articles, pictures, small statues Turkey

art history as the first example is acceptable.

The Khazars had gone further in the art of weaving. Byzantine marry a prince Caspian

between the princess's dowry is known to have very good fabric samples.

Painting and Sculpture

Works on the human and animal remains from the Hun images have been found,

Turkish art of painting with an indication of what was involved from time immemorial.

During Göktürks Bilge Kagan and Kültigin the walls of the monument for each

that was both animated depictions of war were found. Turkish picture art

Uighurs have shown progress in the period. Uighurs through Turkey have shot

both the influence of the Far East in terms of technical ideas to show itself

started. Walls of the palace belonging to very good fresco samples were found.

Mani wall paintings and Buddha religion belongs to the topics usually formed. Uygur

picture as bright and vivid colors in the color has been used much (Figure 4-3).

Uighurs seen in the ruins of the city miniatureler, the first painting in Turkey

accepted as examples. With the rest of the miniatures are usually religious Uygur Mani

in the book are included. M i n y a t ü r, Common in the old writing book, a fine art

processed color pictures that are small. Uygur miniatures later Islamic

constituted the source of the miniature.

Turkey in art first statue instances encountered during Göktürks.

The most important works from this period are in the neighborhood of Orkhon River. In this region

uncovered part of the head of the statue made of marble Kültigin'in and his wife owned a marble

face of the first examples of sculpture forms part of Turkey (Figure 4-4).

The most beautiful examples of sculpture Göktürk Balballar'dır (Figure 4-5).

Turks, the graves of heroes who died on his head, and killed his lifetime beat

Sew the sculptures were the enemy that this statue would be called to the balbal. Yi n e

Belonging to the period in the coach Göktürks kurgan tradition of sculpture later

Be made in Anatolia for many years continued.

Uighurs sculpture was developed in the period. Uygur statues

supply, Göktürk and other common examples of the Turkish state in which balbal

relied. Initially, the sculptures in the normal human neck, once 10 meters

as has been done over the statue. Uygur more animals in the art of sculpture üslûbu

k u l a n i l l i m i St. r. In particular, horses, camels, goats, elephants statues were made of more



Turks, Huns, and live a life of nomadic Göktürk states during

did not build permanent structures because. However, temporary settlement construction units

and here from time to time in their homes made from mud bricks are known. Chinese sources

They built their homes from the soil of the Huns is writing. But their homes Caspian

wood, the only royal palace made of stone and brick were. The Volga Bulgars

usually made of wood used to their homes.

Uighurs in the period to life through the built together houses, temples and

cities started to be built. Configured as a single-storey houses of Uygur

The influence of religion and Buddhism are seen mimarîsinde Mani. First structure, the dome

The Uighurs have been using. Surrounded by walls of homes around Uygur and in animals

would have found shelter in the barn. Uighurs, they have established cities fish gave the name.

Beşbalık and Ordubalık Two of the city is founded by Uighurs. Uighurs only its own

cities and towns have not built, as well as the Buddha religion in China and belong to Mani

temples were built in. Uygur art centers in Hoca, of Meringue, Turfan,

Sengim and Sorçuk cities can say.


Turkish society has a special place in his life of music. China supplies 28 varieties Hun

will talk about folk music. The Turkish government was very common in the military band. Göktürks and

In addition to drums, various wind instruments in the band Uighurs were. Turks

to compositions heavy (or yır), Music KOG (küg) derlerdi. Hakan every day in the presence of many heavy 9

stolen signs considered as one of domination and KOG. Military band in the presence of the ruler

various anthems play application, and later founded the Seljuk and Ottoman

continued. Some of the last instrument of the European orchestra, the Turkish army,

kudüm (timpani bass drum), zurna (oboe), çevgân (rattlesnake asa) and Turkish law


Animals üslûbu, frescoes and miniature mean?

Also holds an important place in the art of Avar belt ornaments. These ornaments and more animals

plant consists motişerinden. Plants as motifs of flowers and ivy branches

have used.

Avars, mine were well advanced in the art. Stirrup iron and gold and silver

as used to be inlaid. In the gold mines in the country also ingenious jewelry

have used.

Kyrgyz; Göktürk cultures that demonstrate a style close to the Kyrgyz, China and Iran

have remained under the influence. Everyday household items such as carpet and felt with the decorations

mention them.

B Ulgar T ü rkleri; jewelry art by well advanced in a situation in cathedrals

i d i l e r. Bulgarian city of Turkey, four corner chipped stone castles, lions heykelli

The first examples of Turkish music, lute (folk poet of the stolen instruments) accompanied by spoken

epics, heroic tales and love songs are. Lute, together with Turkey in Egypt,

Syria, the Balkans, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and A lmanya 'ya

spread up.

Byzantine historian Priskos In his visit to Attila, a banquet was given in honor of musical and

once on the return of the young girls saying that they meet Attila the Hun songs


Pantomime in Uygur (signs, non-verbal theater played with attitude and movement), ballet,

chance, orchestra and Theater there were. Art of storytelling was well advanced in Uygur.

Turkey in the other State Arts

Avars; Central Europe, after a century of European Hun came a new

formed cultures. Excavations in Hungary belongs to the Avar heavy cast

goods, horse riding my team were found. My team of horse riding on the animals

photos to show the animals in their struggle üslûbu is remarkable

(Figure 4-6).

palaces, waterways, Avar and Hungarian works of art and jewelry shows similarities with

they decorate with decorated ceramics.

K is arluklar especially pottery, ceramic production and decoration of their

s t e r m i g ö r d i CL e r. Islam's influence in the human figures place the decorations, plants and motişeri

was shaped geometric patterns. The most important feature of the period covered Karluk,

be pasted on top of motişerin cap, respectively. Karluk this bonding technique, testing and rim

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In mineral processing the pitcher Pechenegs, bowls, mugs, such as equipment

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Hungary in the province of Torantal Nagyszentmiklos Village'Nde is the treasure. 23 tracks

products consisting of pitchers in the treasury Pecenek, bowls, mugs, vases, large and small stones in -

a l m a k a d i t r. Containers and decorate them in gold, is reminiscent of Central Asian figures.

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