13 Mart 2009 Cuma

Obama's Stimulus Keeps the Solar Power Dream Alive for Start-ups - US News and World Report

Obama's Stimulus Keeps the Solar Power Dream Alive for Start-ups - US News and World Report

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This is a historic election -- and not just because Barack is at the top of the Democratic ticket. It's historic because of what's at stake for our shared future and our children's future in all the world;so whatever is he interest an other nation conditions?!like so;TURKISH ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PROJECT IN RELATION TO LIVESTOCK of the Policy would like to share SİZLERLE
a) Our country is so important for animal husbandry is the basic problem of lack infrastructure.

b) There are certain rules of animal breeding. The necessary technical and health requirements and implementation process of restructuring must be accelerated.

c) any organization in search not of animals with scattered small units to compete with other countries to advance, with this infrastructure stock is not expected to be taken forward.

2-Büyükbaş the Basic Problems of Breeding Animals:

Lack of infrastructure and basic problems of our animals Büyükbaş organization does not, since the current policy of not producing tool for institutions to be rich and not the creation of price stability.

Animals in our country in recent years, adequate policies and European Union export subsidies not be produced with the support of animals and animal products imported by the domestic producers can not earn money as a result of the extinction point is.

Development of animal husbandry purposes, contracted by farmers models imported 283,000 each stud pregnant heifer after dissolution of the majority of the records are kept, maintenance, and nutritional deficiency, products (meat, milk) market stability also be formed as a result of 300 million dollars and imports from the breeding objective has been useful.

3-Wing of the Basic Problems of Breeding Animals:

Poultry meat and dairy farming in recent years, our growth has been achieved largely in the production. In parallel, a very large fixed investment have been made. But the epicenter, as well as major investment is largely dependent on the production is carried out. Are grown in chicken meat and eggs, except always to the bond race. Expense of the most important cost, especially producers of poultry feed used in the feed is indexed to the dollar hammaddelerinin majority.

4-Water Products and Fishing

Three sides covered with the sea of our country, despite being surrounded by rivers and lakes, is not aware of this richness. Norway's economic situation is good, the most important item of national income is fishing. However, this sector can not be achieved the desired efficiency and planned to establish organizations.

5 - Solutions:

Livestock sector in the country as well as other sectors in our possession of a new approach is required. For this reason;

1. For animal husbandry development, will create a national livestock policy.

2. Animal breeding and puppy out by manufacturers, animal production will raise.

3. The establishment of the state hatchery, the animals will be encouraged in the modern techniques.

4. Livestock destroy the mad cow, etc.. epidemic diseases threatening the health of our people, the import application shall be terminated.

5. Mainly to feed, will be supported directly by the state.

6. The regions of intensive animal husbandry, dairy and leather industries in the sector with the establishment of integrated facilities.

7. Be given to the importance of cooperative work.

8. Animal products into consumer products by the end of the sale will be used.

9. Animal diseases, such as manufacturer's may occur to insure against negativity.

10. Provision of social security and pension rights to the manufacturer.

11. Animal breeding is the race to capture productivity.

12. Fishing sector to ensure tools and equipment.

13. Canned and frozen seafood products for assessment of the immediate establishment of the packaging plant.

14. Propagation of fish species in the sea of the fishing ban period, with effective protection.

15. In areas close to river beds, such as trout to stimulate the production of fresh water fish.

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I believe Rudy de Haas (Murphy) has room in his museum at the moment - why not apply?

I bet Kinect will not be magical either.

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