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Speaking world is a long time in the form of a surge of attacks started to spread to the developed countries in many sectors of the process came under direct influence.

Especially those who were active in the banking sector 'originated mortgage financial crisis', this so-called negative economic developments in our country these days is slightly affected.

In 2001, lessons learned from the crisis we are living today, especially our banking sector has made more robust and prevent the global crisis has been very large in size.

Real estate sector for some time in our country today, this crisis happened to associate with a recession in my opinion is not very accurate. Of course, this global crisis is not possible to avoid any impact and volume to know the importance of the sector however it is necessary to properly analyze.

Approximately 50% of total investments in our country constitute the construction sector. Yet 75% of the housing construction sector constituted.
Construction sector due to its more than 200 sub-sectors to ensure the transition to production with 1.000.000 on contribution to employment by providing jobs to people with incomes at the beginning of our country's most important locomotive industry.

When looking at the past 3 years in all sectors of real estate and construction sector, the highest growth however, the sector has been the most significant employment creation.
In 2005 21.5% 2006 18.5% 20007th with 5.7% growth
In the last 3-4 years real estate and construction sector has been a significant growth on an annual basis at the rates görülmektedir.Bu, le between all sectors of the economy still has been the driving force ..
In 2007, everyone is still in a period where he pronounced growth Despite the low number of transactions of real estate purchase and sale of 1,383,647 units of the peak of the last 20 years has been realized.

19 million to the upcoming property tax payers close to 17 million housing units that with real estate ownership lerde watched 65% of the money that can not be underestimated in a number if a 35% increase in the presence of light beyond that now to go to the vital quality housing deficit and demand and renew every year with 400-500 thousand with a serious housing need is generating significant demand is.
Another side to the foreigners for a long time that lack of legal regulations, as well as delayed the purchase of new legislation due to restart or shift to coastal areas in particular would create an intense demand caused stock purchases.
Up to this day is a housing loan rate of 8% of GDP at the level of s is pronounced, whereas in European countries this ratio 30% - 45% between the görülmektedir.Demek for housing here, and still a serious credit line in the period ahead is likely to occur.
Sector and other sectors in such a volume is always in crisis because of the close connection and some of the most affected sectors are of course also a delayed recovery is inevitable.
These days the stagnation experienced in another frame when we look in these developments may not be seen as negative and the market economy with its own internal dynamics that should be taken to a recovery that occurs in the past year, the foam can be said to fix prices.

Real estate, should always look at long-term. Although the sector experienced a long-term temporal stability has been looking at winning the distinction of being the only investment vehicle to this day has not lost any.

Real estate sector with its own internal dynamics resulting from time to time in front of the artificial resistance was broken after that always should have no doubt in anyone's from the break.

Name needs to be done quickly to overcome inertia is, of course;
Of our citizens and banks under the pillow for a long time in this latest rise in foreign currency bekletiği a large number of the section there is a distortion of the flow direction of this money from the real estate will not be another alternative known and in this direction will save citizens the way we spend must be mention.

Our government in this period of migration to overcome stagnancy and to add mobility to the market on behalf of that should take some important steps in our opinion is.

* Lowering of transaction fees of buying and selling land
* In sales, as credit-mortgage fees exemption be brought
* Within a certain period of buying and selling houses in the purchase and sale regardless of the income tax exemption be brought
* Some rights granted to the private sector to Toki in recognition
* Treasury of the private sector housing land to ensure appropriate conditions to facilitate allocation of land to make production cheaper,
* Toki large area of the still not a one-stop marketing Property marketing consultants work together through the introduction and also be active in the sector is gaining momentum.

Another important point is real estate and construction sector directs the high point of its officers, social responsibility in the production, marketing, consumer orientation and on this issue, opinions and thoughts personal expectations away from properly forming behave irresponsibly lack of stability is a major refrain and to the public looking statements also more attentive to needs.
More accurately analyze sector as well as a long-term outlook to the sector should prepare the project la.

Use or for investment purposes at any time to obtain housing for our citizens was the first priority then it will be at.

These days the real estate market for real estate buyers in the current round of various advantageous opportunities, these opportunities should be evaluated under the leadership of your Real Estate Consultant.

To move from this point with all real estate in an era we are correct in the future undisputed söylenebilir.Bugün area will benefit.

H. Ali Taylan
Ankara All of Real Estate Trade Association

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