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David Kirby: Mera ve Beslenme Üstünlüğü Animals Yükseltilmiş

David Kirby: Pasture Raised Animals Nutrition Advantage

Adequate nutrition

Adequate nutrition to maintain a person's life, getting enough food represents less than it should, but receives inadequate nutrition is Vegetables and fruits with a lesser extent oil and sugar) 1 day recommended amount, as alınmalıdır.Sağlıklı one adult sufficient and balanced diet proper diet şeklidir.Ancak people to exercise, or the health problems or if taking a drug nutrient interaction if there is sufficient and balanced nutrition göstermez.Doğru diet was fed within his right to the special circumstances sufficient and balanced diet is becoming a whole. Örneğin day need all the food varieties adequate and balanced amounts consumed might be, but these meals divided into not only a meal or 2 meals fit to do so by you that time is not correct, FALSE besleniyorsunuz.Bu reason adequate and balanced nutritional guidelines within yourself the most appropriate and proper nutrition your body and know yourself as in consultation with experts in these matters can create.

To raise a healthy generation and rapidly advancing age of our country can achieve diabetes mellitus (diabetes) and cause diseases such as heart disease. In summary, a miracle food for the treatment of any disease is not adequate and balanced nutrition is the foundation of healthy living

The approach of summer, the beaches of the human mind be prepared to follow the nutritional program you can get the desired result. After this stage, more relaxed, but conscious diet and exercise program can continue.

Proper nutrition is possible only through the following provisions apply:

• ensure the proper functioning of hormonal systems that will meet you for real happiness.

• Do not be afraid to eat not eat 35 percent less work you get **** bolizmanızın. Quantity, nutritional balance and eating time of great importance.

• Do not skip meals and starve If you are hungry between main meals with snacks press.

• Too much to eat your brains do not allow the creation of a feeling of fullness.

• Can any of your can of food consumed in moderation.

• the size of two fingers in the chocolate you can eat per day.

• Sweet 15.00 needs to try to meet up in a balanced manner. Prefer sweet milk. Sweet fruit meets the requirements with ease.

• from carbohydrates (bread You can eat in moderation and balanced.

• Proteins (meat In any body fat burning does not provide food.

• Drink plenty of water Alcohol does not meet the body's water needs.

• fats from foods for your body's vital we get. The amount and type of fat consumed is important to be alone.

• Multi-eating Eat balanced and regular meals. Happiness in your hands.

Food Groups

The energy required for human nutrition Get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, in terms of nutritional value gerekmektedir.Yiyeceklerimiz are grouped under 5.

1. Group: Meatkurubaklagiller.

Protein foods in this group hypertension etc. health problems can occur.

2. Group: Dairyetc..

This group It is recommended to eat 1-3 servings a day.

3. Group: Vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin C We need some of this group of minerals and nutrients from the pulp of fruits and vegetables all summer karşılarız.Kış and is included in this group.

Green leafy vegetables Carrots are rich in vitamin. Günde3-consumed foods in this group to have 5 servings.

Naturally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables should be preferred in particular.

Especially in the summer of lycopene and vitamin A rich tomato and orange and tangerine consumption in winter months should be encouraged.

4. Group: Cerealsbakery.

This group of foods daily diet as our main energy source of vitamin B1 almaktadır.Ayrıca location and are used as a source of vegetable protein.

In general 2 slices of bread at every meal for an adult or a daily food consumption of 6-11 servings of grain groups are sufficient.

Athletes with high energy needs workers etc.. physical activity in individuals with high these amounts can be increased according to the state of activity.

S. available in order to eliminate the problem of obesity.

5. Group: Oilsand spices.

Used to flavor foods is given. Oilsand caution should be given high energy foods are consumed.

Fat can lead to diabetes.

BALANCED NUTRITION AND SUFFICIENT is extremely important in terms of health protection.

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