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Self-recognition request, all human occurs. Will learn things about themselves that are unknown to the idea creates a big stir in humans. This excitement, curiosity mixed with fear is the feeling, actually. Surprisingly, this kind of feelings experienced by the rude gaze Although it seems that man's got something to hide from him In this situation stems from being aware. Everyone from time to time does not understand himself, his behavior does not make sense.

Of human self-knowledge, often The presence of the unconscious sources of behavior are considered. Whereas this is a great error. Of human self-knowledge, unconscious resources available from many, one's own mental processes operation and is aware of the contents can be known.

Himself recognition, psychological and physical aspects of man happened to know yourself, them to be aware and conscious of those with the correct assessment is concerned. A man's physical attributes, emotions, their thoughts, desires and needs, strengths and weaknesses, goals and their values, talents and skills to recognize / know and be aware of them represents. A man who knew him How would you feel in the face will live, what to think and how it will be to act / live near predict.

Self-knowledge is said to mainly psychological characteristics of people aware of their to have their own psychological characteristics are meant to know that although people be aware of her body that is closely related to self-knowledge. If many people are aware of the physical properties of which some of the do not want to accept - if not it will act like. For example, a very and objective criteria does not find a fat person in the normal body weight shows some people may find themselves overweight. Normal body Some of these people also are weighing on assessments In order to weaken affected enters into various work. Given that example of an incorrect assessment of a person's body and that body is not enough or the correct diagnosis.

To recognize the psychological aspects of human bodily According to the diagnostic features is a condition that can perform more difficult, but long-term, patient effort and can be obtained by direşken. Other hand, self-recognition, non-boundary / is a process without end. Minimum also stems from the lack of human nature. And the functioning of the human mind unconscious, the people themselves to recognize all of the obstacles. Himself What are the most superficial way of knowing how to treat people, how such feelings is to know. Beyond that, the layers involves the analysis of psychological dynamics. This analysis is both unconscious, and bilinçöncesi, addressing both the conscious mental processes The relationship between these psychological processes to be seen with the It is possible.

I thought it was self-recognition is a difficult process. People to observe their behavior, their interpretation and comments the accuracy test with the next life, at least for certain In the period itself, and leave somebody else to be able to judge, will compare with the daring and often feel able to confront will need to be able to endure. From time to time in the process of human self-recognition evaluations of others and other people on the receiving observe the effects provides useful information. This difficult showing courage and effort of those efforts for the trip higher quality products and fulfilled human relationships as they get. Skilled and fulfilled people can build relationships, and oneself It is possible to identify with other people.

Many people who try to self-knowledge that most of the time A questionnaire was prepared and intended to apply to the scale. This type of survey and Although the scale may provide useful information on their own marker that should be kept in mind. Particular scientific In the survey prepared by means of the result at best a Tip of the accuracy of such consideration and testing in everyday life is required.

For those who want to try to enter the self-recognition as a whole biopsychosocial understanding of human existence in some components will be given. Based on the professional and everyday experience defined nature of these components carries a guideline, the scientific has not been tested by research, the constant need of renewal, each For lack of time will be forgotten. Should be noted that the One of the important issues of self-recognition in the first stop on the journey of the mind (The spiritual life) to learn about the functioning and the functioning of the mind To understand the mechanism as possible and go on this trip Those who wish to obtain relevant information as possible, it should.

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