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Water for a Healthy World | Energy News - directory for renewable energy

Water for a Healthy World | Energy News - directory for renewable energy

Water for a Healthy World
Wednesday 17 March 2010 at 11:56 clock

Vienna (pts/17.03.2010/11: 56) - On 22 March 2010 marks the 18 Mark of the International Water Day, better known as the World Water Day. Since 1993, this was "Day of Water" initiative in a resolution of the UN to life is the day every year under a different motto. However, the issue always remains the same: the protection of drinking water and the sustainable management of valuable water resources. Values, which are also at the center of the community of interest rainwater.

This year is the motto of the United Nations' Clean water for a healthy world. " The United Nations (UN) make this initiative attention to the importance of water quality. For a poor water quality affects not only the environment but also human health. The International Day of the water helps to promote awareness of water into the public domain. Clean water is combined with air and ground one of the foundations of human life.

Pro rainwater
The quality of life of people but also the well-being of ecosystems depend greatly on the quality of the water. Particularly in developing countries there is water scarcity. An important contribution to sustainable water future in Austria is the responsibility of each citizen, every citizen. Since 1950, the drinking water requirement per capita to about 140 liters per day has nearly doubled. Only a small part of the drinking water is actually used for drinking and cooking. In many areas of our lives can be eliminated with the use of drinking rainwater. Especially when casting garden or car washing is sufficient rainwater collected from perfect. On http://www.ig-regenwassernutzung.at You can find tips and tricks that can be dispensed with in the areas of drinking water and can be replaced by rainwater. It protects the use of rain water and environmental resources. The appropriate systems for collecting rainwater and IGRW and the members and IGRW specialist partner in your area, go to the same http://www.ig-regenwassernutzung.at.

Surveys on water
2009 was commissioned by the European Commission carried out a Flash Eurobarometer survey on water. The interviews are intended to cover the assessment of the public as a representative barometer of public opinion on any topic, and reflect.

This survey on water shows that about two thirds of EU citizens and EU citizens are concerned when it comes to the quality and quantity of water. About 85 percent of the population believe that climate change takes effect on water quality. Impairment of the water in particular by industrial and agricultural use and pollution. The survey also reflect the fact that many EU citizens and EU citizens use their own behavior in dealing with water. The change of consciousness has begun. (Source: Umweltbundesamt.at)

Harvesting rainwater
Modern rainwater harvesting systems, rainwater provide at no cost and in large quantities. Besides the advantage must be that rainwater is free of charge, either processed or transported over long distances, the rainwater is based on two core arguments: the saving of drinking water and the retention of rainwater as a contribution to flood protection.

The rain water is now considered a mature technology, complies with all relevant standards, is state of the art and has a firm place in the building services. This is also a reason for the success and widespread use of rainwater in households, public facilities, commercial and industrial.

Future water
Drinking water reserves in the future to one of the valuable goods. It is up to each individual to protect these reserves, as a sustainable way of life for future generations. Just when you - as for example in Austria seemingly abundant resources at his disposal, it pays to think about it. For the next hot summer is determined by long dry periods. And then Austria moans about the lack of (drinking) waters.

The day the water can be an impetus to reflect on the use of the abundant rainwater. For it is with the use of rainwater a natural, utilized adequately to existing natural source. The possibility for the present consumption, natural resources wisely and to use without consequences for nature, can be easily implemented with rainwater. The use is integrated into the natural cycle of evaporation, rain and percolation. This is rainwater from an environmental and economic point of view a meaningful and sustainable resource use, which leaves the water balance term for man and nature in harmony.

About IGRW
The interest group has the objective of rainwater, the rainwater to save drinking water and reduction of waste water and thus to promote the relief and the protection of the water. The quality of rainwater is a common platform IG Top action leading provider of plastic and concrete tanks to store rainwater in Austria.

Information on the subject of rainwater harvesting, tank sizes, installation and the professional premises of members and the Folder IGRW IG rainwater - IGRW can - under http://www.ig-regenwassernutzung.at . be requested.


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