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PKK - Armenian                     COOPERATION
Armenian terrorism                     organizations, on the reaction of the outside world in 1980                     changed tactics, were cooperating with the PKK terrorist organization.                     Eruh and Şemdinli raids took place in 1984 with the PKK                     ASALA-Armenian terror has been pushed into the scene and was taken to the background.                     The connection between Armenians and PKK are put forward some                     concrete examples are:
  • PKK terrorist organization, 21-28                       April 1980, the "Red Week" as announced                       has been alleged, and on April 24 massacre of Armenians                       referred to as the day began, and meetings.
  • Lebanon on April 8, 1980                       PKK and ASALA terrorist organization in the city of Sidon joint press                       They held meetings and meeting a declaration                       issued. However, the reactions against this event on                       As the clandestine relationship was decided to continue.                       Following the meeting our Consulate General in Strasbourg on 9 November 1980,                       November 19, 1980 on the Turkish Airlines office in Rome                       As for the attacks, the PKK and ASALA                       undertaken jointly by the organization.
  • Separatist terrorist leader                       Abdullah Ocalan, by the Union of Armenian Writers' Great                       Contributions to the idea of Armenia "                       elected to honorary membership.
  • Armenian Popular Movement                       within many European states, as in Kurdistan                       Committee has been formed.
  • On June 4, 1993;                       Armenian Hunchak Party, members of ASALA and PKK terrorist organization                       with the participation of the PKK terrorist organization in West Beirut in the center                       A meeting was held.
Armenian-PKK ties are the                     Another striking example for the 6 to 9 January 1993 in                     Held at two separate churches in Beirut, Lebanon Armenian                     Orthodox Archbishop, Armenian authorities and 150 young party                     following expressions used in the meeting are:
  • Now against Turkey                       attitude should be calm.
  • Armenian society increasingly                       and economic strength is growing.
  • The propaganda                       With operations all over the world (supposedly) more genocide                       has begun to be well known.
  • Armenian state was established,                       their ancestral lands is expanding every day, and revenge                       certainly will take.
  • Including the USA,                       other Western countries in the combat for Nagorno Karabakh Armenians                       favor. This opportunity should be evaluated;                       Armenians in Karabakh fought for the young and new ones will join.
  • In Turkey-PKK terrorist organization                       I mean the fight with the in-fighting will continue,                       Turkey's economy and citizens will start with zero points                       will be removed.
  • Turkey will be divided and                       Kurdish state will be established.
  • Kurds and Armenians who                       should carry out a good relationship and the Kurds in their fight                       should support.
  • Now in the hands of the Turks                       The land, the Armenians will be tomorrow.
PKK                     Publications in the Armenian TERRORIST ORGANIZATION

Reya newspaper editors in Armenia to the Fresh and Boots                     Under the control of the PKK terrorist organization, and is written with the Cyrillic alphabet                     Are known to make propaganda for the PKK terrorist organization.                     These newspapers in Europe and Turkey from the PKK terrorist organization                     is published by a member.


International character of the Armenian terrorism, introduced in 1973                     to go abroad after the 1974 Peace Operation in Cyprus                     Our citizens and our representatives for the sabotage,                     assassinations and attacks to show itself with the type of terrorist act                     started.

Particularly to the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA until 1984                     l970'li in various legal actions and continued political                     began to show itself in the formation of the Kurdish movement,                     acceleration on the PKK terrorist organization, Abdullah location                     Ocalan, the Kurdish-Turkish separate from the leadership capable of killing, massacre in                     to try to announce the name of the PKK terrorist organization has left.

But before that date between the PKK-ASALA                     cooperation, joint actions made, issued declarations,                     And other members of the Armenian ASALA terrorist organization PKK                     organization of training camps, high level of ASALA                     The education authorities have been subject, outside of them PKK                     The Armenian terrorist organization in its relationship with the Tashnak Party                     is known.

PKK-ASALA common purpose with the cooperation of the Marxist-Leninist                     In line with our ideology of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions                     state is established. Also observed in the regions targeted by the two organizations                     Given the conflicting goals that are seen.                     In this case, one of the two organizations that subcontract to another                     The idea is strengthened.

As a result of documents seized in the Bekaa and Zelin camp                     With the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA terrorist organization PKK militants                     training has emerged with what they saw.


In 1987, the separatist terrorist organization PKK and Armenians in                     An agreement was concluded. The provisions of these agreements are as follows:
  1. Armenian terrorist organization PKK                       They will engage in training
  2. Each of the PKK terrorist organization                       U.S. $ 5000 per man per year payable
  3. Armenians, with small-scale actions                       will participate
The agreement of                     Following in the organization to excel on the Armenians,                     PKK-ASALA relations with persons responsible for his Hermez Samurouyan                     At its meeting on April 18, 1990 at the following resolutions                     were:
  1. PKK and ASALA terrorist organizations                       partners will be managed now
  2. Security forces in Turkey                       Armenians will do for intelligence in action
  3. Possible after the revolution                       obtained by dividing the land equally
  4. 75% of camp costs                       Armenians meet
  5. In metropolitan cities in Turkey                       actions to be performed
From October 1992                     From bases in northern Iraq against the PKK terror organization carried out                     cross-border operations of the organization and take big blows                     losing their accommodation on the part of members of the organization                     Migrate to Iran and Armenia and the PKK terrorist organization in Armenia                     began active operations.

A group of European representatives of the terrorist organization PKK to Armenia                     increasingly, members of the PKK terrorist organization in the region of Kars to Armenia                     easy to enter and exit the agreement, Soviet Russia                     disintegration as a result of Armenia's independence                     Kurds in Armenia and the PKK terror organization in settlements                     organizations to find accommodation here to provide moral support and material,                     is engaged also in 19 to 20 May 1992                     A group of PKK members together with the Armenian Azeri                     With three instruments to fight against the Turks in Armenia Urumiye'den                     Mobile is known.

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